TPZP – And Now…Comics! 001: Neil Gaiman what are you doing in my falafel

Issue 1: Pull out your bags and boards for this new weekly show about comics with Lou, Allan, John, and Connor. We talk about what we are reading past, present, and future; along with comic news and other random geek topics.–And-Now—Comics–Neil-Gaiman-what-are-you-doing-in-my-falafel-e2nmup

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TPZP – The Smallville Chronicles: Ryan & Dichotic (S2, E29 & 30)

In this week’s episodes: first Clark gets a call from his pseudo little brother, Lex tells the mayor to blow smoke, and Lana is moving to the big city. Then JTT is doing twice the work in half the time, while he two times it with Lana and Chloe; while Jonathan’s new Doc and Lex have some chemistry.–The-Smallville-Chronicles-Ryan–Dichotic-S2–E29–30-e2ogk0


TPZP 083 – Comics On TV: A Unicorn, A Fairy & The Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle

(This Episode Reviews Legends 4.01 to 4.03 )

Connor, Hunter, Arlen, and Eric discuss The brown acid, Goody Proctor and Corgy napping in. . . The Phantom Zone


Theme Song by Erik Dudley who can be found at Erik the Dud.

Creating Heroes link here–Comics-On-TV-A-Unicorn–A-Fairy–The-Rock-n-Roll-Swindle-e2igal


TPZP – All New After Dark 005: The 50th After Dark (XXX)

The guys from two years ago discuss:

Main Stories
– Luke Cage canceled
– Batwoman & CW
– James Gunn in on Squad X, O’Connor out

– John Carpenter might want to direct again
– Netflix Dracula from Moffat and Gatiss
– The Warrens will be in Annabelle 3
– Rambo Vs. A Monster is still happening kind of

in this edition of the All-New AFTER DARK–All-New-After-Dark-005-The-50th-After-Dark-XXX-e2ef99