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TPZP 100 – Comics On TV: Look Out There’s A Crisis Coming

Arlen, Lou, Jon and (for a little bit) Connor discuss The CW Shows so far to prep for Crisis in. . . The Phantom Zone

go to–Comics-On-TV-Look-Out-Theres-A-Crisis-Coming-e9f4u6



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AD – All New DARK After Zone 24.169: Chain of Happiness Phantoms – The Thankful Cut

The guys discuss the spirits and entities of other dreams keeping them HAPPY the All-New AFTER DARK

go to–All-New-DARK-After-Zone-24-169-Chain-of-Happiness-Phantoms—The-Thankful-Cut-e99k04



Theme Song by Erik Dudley who can be found at Erik the Dud.


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TPZP – THE SMALLVILLE CHRONICLES: Vengeance & Tomb (S5 E13 & 14)

In this week’s First is Vengeance: Hey its a person in a mask out for vengeance that Clark has trouble getting along with

Then in Tomb: Clark finds a dead body in the talon that leads to Chloe is haunted by the spirit of a murdered girl.

Check out VGU

TPZP – THE SMALLVILLE CHRONICLES: Lockdown & Reckoning(S5 E11 & 12)

In this week’s First is Lockdown:: Lex and Lana are held captive. And Clark can’t decide what to do with his relationship

Then in Reckoning: Its episode 100 and someone is going to die!

AD – The 3AM Files/002_Where_Are_My_Mummy_Nipples.Mp3

Arlen, Connor, Eric Fedorczyk, and Lou Gonzalez Discuss abductions, Polaroids, nipples and of course Mummies – these are . . . The 3AM Files

go to–The-3AM-Files002_Where_Are_My_Mummy_Nipples-Mp3-e8u2k7



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Mysterious Death Of Henry McCabe

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