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TPZP – After Dark XIII: Arlen Is A Monster

Connor, Arlen, Hunter, and Eric discuss:

– Krypton
– Venom
– Hellraiser
– Bryan Fuller and Ann Rice
– Black Widow & Red Sparrow
– X-Men:
>>-Tim Miller Kitty Pryde
>>-New Mutants

in this edition of AFTER DARK

Theme Song by Erik Dudley who can be found at Erik the Dud.


TPZP 052 – Comics On TV: The Punisher S1 Part 3 (Penny & Dime)

Arlen,  Eric, Connor, Al, and Hunter discuss episodes eight through thirteen of Netflix and Marvels The Punisher in The Phantom Zone.

TPZP – After Dark XI: My Name Is Thanos, This is My Pawn Shop

Connor, Arlen, Hunter, Eric, and Allan discuss the recently released Infinity War Trailer and a variety of other topics in this edition of AFTER DARK

Topics discussed on tonight’s recording . . .

-Tommy Wisseau might be a vampire
-The MCU connective charade
-Justice League being a huge monetary loss for WB
-Allan’s bad purchases