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TPZP – Movie Special 016: STEEL ( Valentines Edition)

Connor, Arlen, Hunter, Eric, and Allan discuss Kenneth Johnsons 1997 film  Steel, complete with theorizing of a 90’s DCEU, the appearance of Sextape star Ray J, and our feelings on how dumb the exec who greenlit this trash must have felt in. . . The Phantom Zone

Kevin Grevioux, writer of Underworld in 1997s Steel

TPZP – Movie Special 015: The Crow

Connor, Arlen, Hunter, Eric and Allan discuss Alex Proyas 1994 film The Crow, complete with Michael Wincott Conspiracies, discussion on The Crows Impact, and our feelings on the long in development hell remake in. . . The Phantom Zone

TPZP – Movie Special 014: Justice League (Unite The Seven Bish)

Connor, Arlen, Hunter,  Allan, CR, and Guests Andy Sitz & Ed Bauman,  discuss Justice League and all it’s flaws and strengths. We also discuss the State of The DCEU in The Phantom Zone

TPZP – Movie Special 006: TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (1990) Review

The Phantom Zone travels back to the year 1990 to give consideration to Newline Cinemas and Harmony Golds “TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES”.

High-Quality theme by Geoff Coran


TPZP – Movie Special 005: Logan Review

On this special edition of The Phantom Zone Podcast Hunter, Arlen, Allan and Old Man Connor talk about Hugh Jackman’s final film as Wolverine the self-titled “Logan”.