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TPZP – After Dark 041: Fuck MoviePass

Arlen, Connor, Hunter, Eric, and Lou Discuss

Speed Round
– Netflix orders ten episodes of Locke & Key
– Emma Thompson returns as O and MIB photos

Main Story: FF & X-Men Speculation

– Carrie Fisher Returning to Star Wars through Unused footage
– Mowgli going to Netflix
– Max Landis Black Lagoon
– Anthony Mackie Altered Carbon Season 2

that and more in this edition of AFTER DARK



TPZP – After Dark XXVI: The Episode Arlen Almost Deleted

Arlen, Hunter, Connor, Eric, Lou, and, First Time Guest Garry Gallimore discuss:

Speed Round
Woody Harrelson Venom
– Solo Trailer

Main Stories
– FX Orders Y The Last Man Pilot
– Frank Castle cosmic Ghost Rider

– Spielberg might Direct The Talisman
– Josh Boones Stand is happening as ten episodes

in this edition of AFTER DARK


TPZP – After Dark XXV: Tom Hardy And The Asinine Rumor

Arlen, Hunter, Connor and, Eric discuss:

Speed Round
– Tom Hardy might not wear a Venom Suit

Main Stories
– Xmen Delays
– Colin Trevorrow will direct J-World 3
– Hulu Rejects Locke & Key Pilot
– Rom The Space Knight
– Pedro Pascal in Wonderwoman 2

– Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler King Arthur on Netflix

in this edition of AFTER DARK



TPZP – After Dark XXIV: A Very Special Episode With Bigby Wolf

Arlen, Hunter,  Allan and, Eric Sayour discuss:

Speed Round
– Fargo Season 4 will be a Period Piece

Main Stories
– Deadpool 2 Trailer
– MIB Reboot
– Shazam is a family film
– Moonknight with Pac Rim Director

– Soldado Trailer
– Terminal Trailer

in this edition of AFTER DARK