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AD – News Hour 002: Podcasting Like it’s 1984

The guys discuss:

Speed Round
– Shazam 2 2020 Release Date

Main Stories
– Peter Saarsgard Joins The Batman
– Locke & Key Release Date set for February
– Power Rangers Reboot from Netflix series creator

– WW1984
– Stargirl
– Ghostbusters
– No Time To Die

– D&D directing half of a good Lovecraftian film (probably)

in . . . News Hour

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Theme Song by Erik Dudley who can be found at Erik the Dud.

TPZP – AND NOW…COMICS!: ISSUE 22: This A doesn’t stand for quality

We go over the news of the week and discuss the most disappointing stories we have ever read.

TPZP – AND NOW…COMICS!: ISSUE 21: Nightmare fuel Sonic

We go over the news of the week and discuss our feeling on end

TPZP – THE SMALLVILLE CHRONICLES: Legacy& Truth (S3 E 17 & 18)

In this weeks episodes: first is Legacy: The last episode with the Christopher Reeve. Jor-El is sending Jonathan messages through the key. Lionel makes a deal
Then in Truth: Chole becomes a walking lie detector and gets more than she bargained for.

TPZP – AND NOW…COMICS!: ISSUE 15: God’s name is Jack

The group talks about changes to venom and the movie from last year, Hickman writing the X-men, and top comics in February. They talk about what they read before discussing some book they missed judged before reading them.


Books discussed:
Mister Miracle
Mob Psycho 100 Vol 1
Jojo’s Bizzare adventure part 7 Chapters 22-29
Assassination Nation #1
Batman who laughs: The Grim Knight #1
High Level #2
Lucifer #6
Guardians of the Galaxy #3
Batman #67
Archie #703
The Wildstorm #21
Life is Strange 1-4
Tony Stark Iron Man 1
Hawkman 1
Naomi #3,
Bitter Root #5
Farmhand #6
Meet The Skrulls #2 (Of 5)
West Coast Avengers #9

TPZP – AND NOW…COMICS!: ISSUE 14: There’s a ghost in her vagina

The guys talk about the comics news including Suicide Squad casting update, DC Super Hero Girls, Second Coming, and Captain Marvel


Books discussed this week:
Young Justice #3
The Green Lantern #5
The Flash: Road To Flashpoint
FF Vol 1
JL Dark Vol 1
Mister Miracle
Flash: Dastardly Death of the Rogues
Flash: Cold Day In Hell
Flash: Flash War
Batman Court of the Owls Saga
Doom Patrol Vol. 1-2
Jojo’s Bizzare adventure part 7 Chapters 22-29
Batman who laughs: The Grim Knight #1
Mob Psycho Vol. 1
Mister Miracle (Tom King)
Justice League Dark #9
The Flash #66
By Night #9
Mob Psycho 100 Vol 2
Wonder Twins #2
Moonstruck Vol. 2
Amazing Spider-Man #17
Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1
Runaways #19

TPZP – AND NOW…COMICS!: ISSUE 13: Sidekick Showdown

The guys talk about the news on dark phoenix, will smith, shazam, marvel prose, and some sweet captain marvel sneakers. Then we do talk about our favorite sidekicks


Y the last man volume 1
Daredevil #1
Deadly Class vol 1-2
Jojo’s Bizzare adventure part 7 Chapters 0-41
Doomsday #9
Green Lantern #5
Justice League #19
Action #1008
Batman Beyond #29
Detective Comics #999
Heroes in Crisis #3
Justice League Odyssey #06
Martian Manhunter #3
Flash #65
Shazam #3
Freedom Fighters #1-#3
Young Justice #3
Doomsday Clock #9
Female Furies #2

TPZP – After Dark 041: Fuck MoviePass

Arlen, Connor, Hunter, Eric, and Lou Discuss

Speed Round
– Netflix orders ten episodes of Locke & Key
– Emma Thompson returns as O and MIB photos

Main Story: FF & X-Men Speculation

– Carrie Fisher Returning to Star Wars through Unused footage
– Mowgli going to Netflix
– Max Landis Black Lagoon
– Anthony Mackie Altered Carbon Season 2

that and more in this edition of AFTER DARK


TPZP – After Dark XXVI: The Episode Arlen Almost Deleted

Arlen, Hunter, Connor, Eric, Lou, and, First Time Guest Garry Gallimore discuss:

Speed Round
Woody Harrelson Venom
– Solo Trailer

Main Stories
– FX Orders Y The Last Man Pilot
– Frank Castle cosmic Ghost Rider

– Spielberg might Direct The Talisman
– Josh Boones Stand is happening as ten episodes

in this edition of AFTER DARK


TPZP – After Dark XXV: Tom Hardy And The Asinine Rumor

Arlen, Hunter, Connor and, Eric discuss:

Speed Round
– Tom Hardy might not wear a Venom Suit

Main Stories
– Xmen Delays
– Colin Trevorrow will direct J-World 3
– Hulu Rejects Locke & Key Pilot
– Rom The Space Knight
– Pedro Pascal in Wonderwoman 2

– Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler King Arthur on Netflix

in this edition of AFTER DARK



TPZP – After Dark XXIV: A Very Special Episode With Bigby Wolf

Arlen, Hunter,  Allan and, Eric Sayour discuss:

Speed Round
– Fargo Season 4 will be a Period Piece

Main Stories
– Deadpool 2 Trailer
– MIB Reboot
– Shazam is a family film
– Moonknight with Pac Rim Director

– Soldado Trailer
– Terminal Trailer

in this edition of AFTER DARK