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TPZP –Watch Party: Artemis Fowl

In honor of the passing Joel Schumacher, we watched the film that killed a franchise.



AD – News Hour 007: Midsommar 64

The guys discuss:

Speed Round
– New New Mutant release Date
– Timothy Olyphant The Mandalorian
– Flanagannnnnnnnnnnn adapting Stephen Kings “Revival”

– Tenet

Main Stories
– Snyder Cut
– Ruby Rose
– Josh Trank
– It Follows Writer-Directer developing Superhero Movie ‘Heroes & Villains’

– Director of ’18 Suspiria Directing Coen Bros Scarface Script

in . . . News Hour

go to https://anchor.fm/phantomzonepod/episodes/AD–News-Hour-007-Midsommar-64-eeh5hn


Theme Song by Erik Dudley who can be found at Erik the Dud.


Mario Head from NintegaDario & MikMik

DONKEY KONG https://www.seekpng.com/ipng/u2w7q8i1r5e6y3t4_kognut-mario-kart-funky-kong/