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TPZP – The Smallville Chronicles: Hug (S1, E11)

Bob buys the farm, Chloe lays one on Clark, and Lex’s foreshadowing is enough to blind us all.

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TPZP – After Dark XXX + 8: Goddammit Japan

Arlen, Connor, Eric, and Lou Discuss:

Main Stories
– Black Widow
– Blomkamp Robocop

– King of Monsters Image and synopsis
– Gundam

that and more in this edition of AFTER DARK


TPZP – The Smallville Chronicles: Shimmer (S1, E10)

In this week’s episode, lex has a stalker, a naked boy assaults a naked woman, and Clark gets kiss blocked.


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TPZP – Movie Special 018: Iron Man (2008)

Connor, Arlen, Hunter, Eric, and Allan discuss John Favreau’s “Moderate Single”; featuring a discussion of RDJs performance, the growth of the MCU, and the format that built Marvel Studios in. . . The Phantom Zone


TPZP – Movie Special 017: Black Panther

Connor, Arlen, Hunter, Eric Sayour, Javon McNeil, and Allan discuss Ryan Cooglers Box office juggernaut Black Panther; featuring a discussion of the best ensemble of any Solo MCU film, Arlen shitting on Doctor Strange, and Michael B. Jordan setting the bar for Marvel Villians in . . . The Phantom Zone


Kilmongers theme



(The conversation for this episode is Carried on in the first stand-alone State of the MCU “State of the Universe 001”)

TPZP – Movie Special 016: STEEL ( Valentines Edition)

Connor, Arlen, Hunter, Eric, and Allan discuss Kenneth Johnsons 1997 film  Steel, complete with theorizing of a 90’s DCEU, the appearance of Sextape star Ray J, and our feelings on how dumb the exec who greenlit this trash must have felt in. . . The Phantom Zone

Kevin Grevioux, writer of Underworld in 1997s Steel