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AD – The 3AM Files/002_Where_Are_My_Mummy_Nipples.Mp3

Arlen, Connor, Eric Fedorczyk, and Lou Gonzalez Discuss abductions, Polaroids, nipples and of course Mummies – these are . . . The 3AM Files

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Theme Music by Kevin MacLeod “Slow Ticking Clock”


Hunters Sources

Connors Sources:

Mysterious Death Of Henry McCabe

Lou’s Sources


Arlen’s Sources (Listed by importance)

TPZP – THE SMALLVILLE CHRONICLES: Lexmas & Fanatic (S5 E9 & 10)

In this week’s First is Lexmas:: Lex has a wonderful life, but will he choose to keep it

Then in Fanatic: As the election heats up so do tensions between the Luthors and the Kents


In this week’s episodes: first is Sacred:: It big trouble in China. Everyone gets a bit of torture and this might be the end of Isabel.

Then in Lucy: Lucy lane storms into town and not all is what it seems. Also more crystal shenanigans.

TPZP – THE SMALLVILLE CHRONICLES: Splinter & Solitude (S5 E7 &8)

In this week’s First is Splinter:: Clark takes a bad trip and thinks everyone is against him.

Then in Solitude: Jor-El has poisoned Martha and the only way to save her is to destroy the fortress

TPZP – THE SMALLVILLE CHRONICLES: Thirst & exposed (S5 E5 &6)

In this week’s First in Thirst:: Buffy the vampire co-ed and Lana fight over Clark
Then in exposed: the duke boys are in a bit of a pickle this week, can Lois and Clark save his career.