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TPZP – After Dark 041: Fuck MoviePass

Arlen, Connor, Hunter, Eric, and Lou Discuss

Speed Round
– Netflix orders ten episodes of Locke & Key
– Emma Thompson returns as O and MIB photos

Main Story: FF & X-Men Speculation

– Carrie Fisher Returning to Star Wars through Unused footage
– Mowgli going to Netflix
– Max Landis Black Lagoon
– Anthony Mackie Altered Carbon Season 2

that and more in this edition of AFTER DARK–After-Dark-041-Fuck-MoviePass-e1tipf


TPZP 076 – Comics On TV: Redemption of Sexy Will Graham (Luke Cage Season 2 Part 3)

Arlen, Hunter, Connor and, Lou discuss episodes 9 through 13 of Luke Cage Season 2 in . . . The Phantom Zone

Creating Heroes link here–Comics-On-TV-Redemption-of-Sexy-Will-Graham-Luke-Cage-Season-2-Part-3-e1rmoc


TPZP – After Dark XXX + 9: Ride Eternal Jon Schnepp

Arlen, Connor, Hunter Eric, Al, and Lou Discuss:

Breaking News
– James Gun Firing

Speed Round
– Jon Schnepp RIP

Main Stories
– DC Streaming detail & new shows
– Batwoman Series
– Iron Fist Teaser

– Shudder is bringing back Creepshow as a series

that and more in this edition of AFTER DARK–After-Dark-XXX–9-Ride-Eternal-Jon-Schnepp-e1r7rq/a-a4fbj0

TPZP – The Smallville Chronicles: Shimmer (S1, E10)

In this week’s episode, lex has a stalker, a naked boy assaults a naked woman, and Clark gets kiss blocked.–The-Smallville-Chronicles-Shimmer-S1–E10-e1pjk8/a-a4bkk5

Logo Borrowed from this Deviant Art User here

Creating Heroes link here 

TPZP 074 – Comics On TV: Look Behind Their Blue Eyes

Connor, Arlen, Erik, Al and some notes from Lou discuss Being the Badman, Comic Book accurate hair,  psychic assault, and unreliable narrators in. . . The Phantom Zone

Theme Song by Erik Dudley who can be found at Erik the Dud.

Creating Heroes link here 



TPZP – After Dark XXX + 7: The Mystery of Sonics Disgusting Fandom

Arlen, Connor, Eric, and Al Discuss:

Speed Round
– Titans Image
– WW84 Image
– Glass Poster
– Feige comments on titles and teasers

Main Stories
– Jeremy Irons and others in Watchmen

– The Predator Trailer
– Rebbecca Ferguson from MI5 & MI6 in Doctor Sleep
– Jim Carrey Eggman

that and more in this edition of AFTER DARK