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We talk about the Hulu announcement, McFarland DC toys, and what we read and are going to be picking up.

By Night #8
Goddess Mode #3
Wonder Twins #1
Tokyo Tarareba Girls Volume 5 GN
Amazing Spider-Man #15
My Solo Exchange Diary Volume 2 GN
Punisher #8
Thor #10
Flash #64
Alien 3 #4
Batman who laughs #3
Detective Comics #998



TPZP – The Smallville Chronicles: 2011 Wonder Woman Pilot Bonus

Al & Lou are joined by John to discuss the 2011 NBC pilot of Wonder Woman starring  Adrianne PalickiPedro PascalCary Elwes and created by  David E. Kelley



TPZP – AND NOW…COMICS!: ISSUE 9: Full of gems & Hal Jordan is a tool

The group talks about the comic News, what they read and what they are going to pick up. Also more references to JOJO
This week: Star Trek Q Conflict, Superman Secret Origin #1, Giant Days 47, Umbrella Academy #5, Female Furies #1, Young Justice #2, Daredevil #1, Uncanny X-Men # 11, Green Lantern #4, Batman, The Dreaming.
Next week pickups: Detective comics, Batman who laughs #3, Flash, wonder twins, and alien #4.



TPZP – All New After Dark 010: The Stepfather & The Spagette

The guys discuss this weeks news, such as:

Speed Round
– Batwoman Pilot ordered

Main Stories
– Marvel Marketing Corner
– Punisher
– Endgame
– Sam Jackson
– Cap Trailers
– Watchmen 5 Secs

– Dune Casting
– ‘What We Do…’ TV Show trailer
– ‘Us’ Trailer
– Bander Snatch

in this edition of the All-New AFTER DARK



TPZP – The Smallville Chronicles: Fever& Rosetta S2, E 16 & 17

In this week’s episodes:

First is Fever: Martha tries to bury the past & gets her and Clark sick; Lex’s Dr. Girlfriend is on call and Chloe pours her heart out.

Then in Rosetta:  It’s Superman meets Superman, and it means HOPE.


TPZP – The Smallville Chronicles: Insurgence & Suspect S2, E12 & 13 (33&34)

 In this week’s episodes: first  Lex is bugged out, Martha gets caught in the crossfire, and Clark’s got hope. Then: Its Smallville’s version of Clue, was it Jonathan in the library with a handgun and tequila?

TPZP – After Dark XXX + 7: The Mystery of Sonics Disgusting Fandom

Arlen, Connor, Eric, and Al Discuss:

Speed Round
– Titans Image
– WW84 Image
– Glass Poster
– Feige comments on titles and teasers

Main Stories
– Jeremy Irons and others in Watchmen

– The Predator Trailer
– Rebbecca Ferguson from MI5 & MI6 in Doctor Sleep
– Jim Carrey Eggman

that and more in this edition of AFTER DARK

TPZP – After Dark XXX + 6: We Can’t Protect Them Rick

Arlen, Connor, Hunter, Eric and Al Discuss:

Speed Round
– Bernthal coming back to say “YOU CAN’T PROTECT EM RICK” one more time
– Linda Hamilton Terminator 6

Main Stories
– Invincible Animated series that Arlen doesn’t care about
– New TMNT
– Alex Kurtzman show running multiple Star Trek Shows
– Sony announces Silk

– “The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then Bigfoot”
– Creed II Trailer
– Mark Strong in Bond 25

that and more in this edition of AFTER DARK



TPZP – After Dark XXX + 5 : Fuck Chris Hardwick

Arlen, Connor, Hunter, Eric and Al (and sometimes Lou) Discuss:

Speed Round
– Steve Trevor is in Wonder Woman 1984
– Hitman Geoff Johns

Main Stories
– Geoff Johns
– Ben Affleck out as Batman
– The Flash going into production
– WB & AT&T Deal goes through
– New Testament Watchmen
– New Luke Cage trailer

– Ewan McGregor Doctor Sleep
– DARK TOWER TV Series Still Happening
– McBride & Green have Halloween sequel ideas
– The Nun Trailer

that and more in this edition of AFTER DARK