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TPZP – The Smallville Chronicles: Fever& Rosetta S2, E 16 & 17

In this week’s episodes:

First is Fever: Martha tries to bury the past & gets her and Clark sick; Lex’s Dr. Girlfriend is on call and Chloe pours her heart out.

Then in Rosetta:  It’s Superman meets Superman, and it means HOPE.



TPZP – And Now…Comics!: Issue 4: Hell-boi

On this weeks show Conner professes his love for Hellboy. Jon and Lou bring up what their reading before the group gets into some of the big news in the comic book world.


TPZP – The Smallville Chronicles: Insurgence & Suspect S2, E12 & 13 (33&34)

 In this week’s episodes: first  Lex is bugged out, Martha gets caught in the crossfire, and Clark’s got hope. Then: Its Smallville’s version of Clue, was it Jonathan in the library with a handgun and tequila?

TPZP – And Now…Comics! 001: Neil Gaiman what are you doing in my falafel

Issue 1: Pull out your bags and boards for this new weekly show about comics with Lou, Allan, John, and Connor. We talk about what we are reading past, present, and future; along with comic news and other random geek topics.



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TPZP – The Smallville Chronicles: Shimmer (S1, E10)

In this week’s episode, lex has a stalker, a naked boy assaults a naked woman, and Clark gets kiss blocked.


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