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TPZP –Watch Party: Artemis Fowl

In honor of the passing Joel Schumacher, we watched the film that killed a franchise.



TPZP – THE SMALLVILLE CHRONICLES: Justice & Labyrinth (S6 E11 & 12)

In this week’s First is Justice: Its the Justice League first appearance

Then in Labyrinth: Clark wakes up in an asylum. has it all been a dream 





TPZP – THE SMALLVILLE CHRONICLES: Subterranean & Hydro (S6 E9 & 10)

In this week’s First is Subterranean: Clark battles central American slaver meta
Then in Hydro: Linda Lake is on the story of Lana and Lex



In this week’s First is Rage: Green Arrow is juicing 

Then in Static: Lex and Lana are attacked by a subject level 33.1 while Clark battles a bone sucking phantom


TPZP – AND NOW…COMICS!: ISSUE 60: Divergent Tangents of Lola Bunny being my inappropriate mom: An Ode to a Tall Boy

Our discussion of news devolves into talk about the monsters, Mulholland drive, canceled shows, HBO Max, if Space Jame 2 will have a funny and/or sexy Lola Bunny, and fucked up spider-man stories…AGAIN.
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Theme Song Great Lake Avengers by Kirk Krackle

TPZP – THE SMALLVILLE CHRONICLES: Reunion & Fallout (S6 E5 & 6)

In this week’s First is Reunion:: A flashback to when Oli bullied Lex and the reveal of our new set up for a monster of the week

Then in Fallout: Little bow wow is radioactive