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TPZP – All New After Dark 012: Elijah Woods War

The guys discuss this weeks news, such as:

Speed Round
– Dune Casts Oscar Isacc, Bardem (maybe), and Zendaya
– Richard Stanley returns to directing
– Wrestling stuff

Main Stories
– CBS Detective Frankenstein Pilot Greenlit
– DC Corner
– Affleck is out as Batman
– James Gunn officially directing “The Suicide Squad”
– Zack Snyder returns to Directing
– The Boys

– Netflix Resident Evil
– Leigh Wannel
– Writing an “Escape From New York” remake
– Dark Universe Reborn at Blumhouse
– Twilight Zone Premiere date & Casting
– The Stand Greenlit
– “Hole In The Ground” Trailer

in this edition of the All-New AFTER DARK




TPZP – Movie Special 014: Justice League (Unite The Seven Bish)

Connor, Arlen, Hunter,  Allan, CR, and Guests Andy Sitz & Ed Bauman,  discuss Justice League and all it’s flaws and strengths. We also discuss the State of The DCEU in The Phantom Zone

The Phantom Zone Podcast – Episode 000: Secret origins


Episode Zero of The Phantom Zone Podcast with a full panel of hosts featuring Hunter Davenport, Arlen Harrow, Connor McGraw, Allan Muir and Host Chris Smith. These Five and sometimes three or four, talk about Agents of Shield, Gotham and Comic Book News in the “we are still figuring this out phase” of the Phantom Zone Podcast.