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TPZP – Movie Special 033: Sin City

The guys discuss this adaptation of Frank Miller’s legendary book for the Holidays in . . . The Phantom Zone

go to https://anchor.fm/phantomzonepod/episodes/TPZP–Movie-Special-033-Sin-City-e9pt24


TPZP – THE SMALLVILLE CHRONICLES: Vengeance & Tomb (S5 E13 & 14)

In this week’s First is Vengeance: Hey its a person in a mask out for vengeance that Clark has trouble getting along with

Then in Tomb: Clark finds a dead body in the talon that leads to Chloe is haunted by the spirit of a murdered girl.

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TPZP – THE SMALLVILLE CHRONICLES: Lockdown & Reckoning(S5 E11 & 12)

In this week’s First is Lockdown:: Lex and Lana are held captive. And Clark can’t decide what to do with his relationship

Then in Reckoning: Its episode 100 and someone is going to die!

TPZP – THE SMALLVILLE CHRONICLES: Lexmas & Fanatic (S5 E9 & 10)

In this week’s First is Lexmas:: Lex has a wonderful life, but will he choose to keep it

Then in Fanatic: As the election heats up so do tensions between the Luthors and the Kents


In this week’s episodes: first is Sacred:: It big trouble in China. Everyone gets a bit of torture and this might be the end of Isabel.

Then in Lucy: Lucy lane storms into town and not all is what it seems. Also more crystal shenanigans.

TPZP – THE SMALLVILLE CHRONICLES: Splinter & Solitude (S5 E7 &8)

In this week’s First is Splinter:: Clark takes a bad trip and thinks everyone is against him.

Then in Solitude: Jor-El has poisoned Martha and the only way to save her is to destroy the fortress

TPZP – THE SMALLVILLE CHRONICLES: Thirst & exposed (S5 E5 &6)

In this week’s First in Thirst:: Buffy the vampire co-ed and Lana fight over Clark
Then in exposed: the duke boys are in a bit of a pickle this week, can Lois and Clark save his career.


In this week’s First is Hidden:: Clark gets capped and chloe is kidnapped(again). And someone wants to nuke Smallville

Then in Aqua: Clark helps out AC with some eco-terrorism this week. And who is the mysterious professor Milton.

TPZP – THE SMALLVILLE CHRONICLES: Arrival & Mortal (S5 E1 & 2)

In this week’s episodes season, 5 premiere: First is Arrival:: The fortress is made and Zod’s disciples arrive

Then in Mortal: Clark is without powers, again and must stop the dumbest villains in history

TPZP – THE SMALLVILLE CHRONICLES: Forever & Commencement (S4 E21 & 22)

In this week’s episodes: First is Forever:: Everyone is kidnapped; Luthors by the Teagues and Chloe is put into a high school of wax.

Then in the season 4 finale Commencement: The meteors hit the town, Lana is wanted for murder, Lois leaves town to find her sister, and Clark must find the remaining infinity stones, I mean dragon balls, oops chaos emeralds. Damn it Kryptonian crystals.

TPZP – THE SMALLVILLE CHRONICLES: Blank & Ageless (S4 E19 & 20)

In this week’s episodes: First is Blank:: After losing his memory again, Clark must rely on Chloe and his instincts.

Then in Ageless: Clark and Lana get to play parents for a day in maybe the saddest episode ever.

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In this week’s episodes: first is onyx:: Double the Lex equals double the trouble

Then in spirit: Its time for an annual horror episode as everyone get possessed in this episodes by the spirit of the prom-queen.

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