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The Phantom Zone Podcast – Episode 009: INVASION OF THE PETTY CISCO

Cisco makes Invasion Petty, Arrow celebrates 100, and Legends closes strong.

Theme By Erik Dudley



The Phantom Zone Podcast – Episode 008: I’m Cyborg Supermang

The Phantom Zone discusses Network oversight and Cyborg Superman . Also, Kevin Smith Return to The Flash is discussed.

Official Theme Song by Erik Dudley.



The Phantom Zone Podcast – Episode 001: Revenge of the Forgotten Plot details

The Phantom Hosts look at back in time to previous episodes and Seasons of DC TV on the CW and CBS. Will they come to a consensus on which season they are supposed to be reviewing? Is Arrow any good?

All these questions answered and more in The Phantom Zone.


The Phantom Zone Podcast – Episode 000: Secret origins


Episode Zero of The Phantom Zone Podcast with a full panel of hosts featuring Hunter Davenport, Arlen Harrow, Connor McGraw, Allan Muir and Host Chris Smith. These Five and sometimes three or four, talk about Agents of Shield, Gotham and Comic Book News in the “we are still figuring this out phase” of the Phantom Zone Podcast.